Experience - Business Development in the Energy and Utilities Sector

Developing a suite of IT propositions for the Utilities

Using a matrix evaluation based on proposition prospects "prospects for profitability" and the organisations "competitive capability" a long list of brainstormed ideas (generated with input across the broad sales. marketing and technical teams) was both clustered into larger, composite ideas and ranked on the basis of their position on the matrix. This led to the selection of the 7 most powerful propositions to take to market. Where required we also assisted with strategic partner identification and development (to fill capability gaps in the propositions)

Value proposition for call centre software solutions to the Utilities

For one of the leading global providers of call-centre hardware software solutions providers we worked with the Utilities team to transform a set of functional capabilities into compelling business propositions for the Utilities. This involved developing the business concept and shaping it such that is seen to be of maximum value to the end customer e.g. moving from call centre switch effectiveness to value delivered through enhanced debt management. We also assisted with strategic partner identification and development.

Outsource IT bid support - understanding value delivery in the Utilities

For a leading IT services organisation we supported a multi-million pound bid to provide services to a major UK Utility. This involved translating the IT service offer into business value, structuring the proposition, and conducting a "Value Mapping" intervention with the end customer management team to create a common Vision of how IT delivers value across the bidding and receiving organisations to ensure the bid was focused on the areas the end user considered critical to their own business.

Country strategies for repositioning a business to higher value product markets

For an international provider of systems, equipment and servicing to the petroleum forecourt retailing sector conducted a review of the industry value chain and the clients positioning within it. This entailed analysis, desk research and interviews with a cross section of MOC’s (Major Oil Co’s) and Hypermarket/Supermarket operators in Europe. The outcome was a recommendation of a major repositioning and further restructuring of the organisation.

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The Internet of Energy

Read the recent articel by Ian Campbell of Enstra on the coming of age of the Internet of Energy based on his insights form being chair of the Smarter Homes and Buildings group at the EUA.  You can read the article by clicking here.

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