Enstra has an Industry Expert and Network Partner business model.

Industry Experts are consultants who have typically 15/20 or more years of experience in senior managerial/board positions and/or senior consulting roles in/to the energy and utilities industry. Our geographical coverage spans the UK, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.


Network partners are organisations, rather than individuals, who bring complementary skills and experience to the Enstra consultancy pool.


Enstra's Associates:

To view a brief biography click on the associate names below:

UK Peter Franklin
  Ian Campbell
  James Nixon
  David Gosling
  David Payne
The Netherlands Emile Wolff
  Hans de Leur
France Didier Legros
Spain/Italy/Portugal Patricio Serra
Japan/China/South Korea Tom O'Sullivan

The Enstra Network:

In order to be able to make the appropriate skills, experience, and capabilities available to our clients we would be happy to introduce you to organisations who we consider to be part of our network. Like Enstra they are characterised by a wealth of experience and proven approaches:

Smart Communications Report

Peter Franklin was commissioned to write a report reviewing the issues DECC needs to address when putting in place the communications architecture to support Smart metering roll-out. This report has just been published. If you would like a copy you can download it by clicking here.

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