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Building the Compelling Benefits Proposition for Smart Metering 

The OpportunitySmart Meters

The Global market for smart metering, comprising:

Much of this will be front-loaded as the communications, IT infrastructure/processes, need to be in place to enable roll-out of the technology. Smart metering will radically change the way the Energy companies will operate in the future, especially relating to billing queries which take up over 50% of their current call centre activity.

All of the players will be claiming that they offer the optimum technology and a cost effective roll-out option.

Our experience of the IT and Telecommunications world is that companies are focused on the merits of their own technology and the costs of delivery (not standing in the shoes of their customer) – and all will be able to make a similar case for why they should be chosen.

However, that is the entry ticket to the game – not the winning ticket.

Becoming a winner

The winners will be the suppliers who can convince the CxOs in their target prospects that they offer the maximum business benefits to their customers, be they Suppliers, Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), or a central communications organisation.

If you are selling to Suppliers you will need to be able to demonstrate how your offering positively impacts on their business performance. This could comprise the following Benefits Propositions:

If you are selling to DNOs the business benefits will be in the areas of:

So how are you going to differentiate yourself from the pack to ensure you are a winner not just a player (or loser)?

Standing out from the competition

To win you need to give your sales teams the opportunity to participate in the Youd-Andrews programme: “Smart Metering – Building a Compelling Benefits Proposition in the Boardroom”.

This programme uses highly experienced business CxOs from the energy/utilities market, who know exactly what your sales teams need to do to win high-value, long-term business at their level in the smart metering environment. Just selling to the IT department will make you just another player, selling to the business will allow you to stand out in the crowd.

Their direct feedback via business meetings and Value Proposition workshops will make your team a winning team by:

The three day investment in the programme will make a step change in the ability of your sales team to capitalise on the smart metering opportunity, and to understand the wider opportunities that CxOs will want to exploit for their organisations.

The smart metering programme is an Enstra and Youd-Andrews collaborative initiative combining Youd-Andrews' capabilities and extensive experience in the delivery of training/experience programmes focused on building robust and productive relationships at CxO level and Enstra's knowledge of the energy and utilities markets and network of experienced CxO level practitioners.

For more details on the programme please ring Peter Franklin on +44 (20) 8780 3313 or email

Smart Communications Report

Peter Franklin was commissioned to write a report reviewing the issues DECC needs to address when putting in place the communications architecture to support Smart metering roll-out. This report has just been published. If you would like a copy you can download it by clicking here.

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