Industry Expert : Stephen Andrews

Stephen AndrewsStephen is a qualified electrical engineer, who started his career at the UK Central Electricity Generating Board. He was actively involved in the early introduction of co-generation in UK in the mid 1980s, and went on to create a leading European energy consultancy company.

He now operates as a senior consultant specialising in strategic, regulatory and commercial advice for generators operating in competitive energy markets, thus assisting a large number of companies in their renewable and CHP projects. 

He has been a senior member of a number of Government and international working groups tasked with addressing the effect of policy changes on distributed and green generation. These have ranged from assessing and mitigating the impact of changing the wholesale electricity trading rules, to structuring the long-term development of energy networks to accommodate and benefit such generation.

Besides his active consultancy work, he is a retained strategy advisor on energy to a number of UK companies, a member of an external advisory board to the UK Sustainable Development Commission, and a non-executive director of Energy4All, the UK's leading expert in community-owned renewable energy schemes.

The Internet of Energy

Read the recent article by Ian Campbell of Enstra on the coming of age of the Internet of Energy based on his insights from being chair of the Smarter Homes and Buildings group at the EUA.  You can read the article by clicking here.

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