Pyramid Thinking - Compelling communications

Once you have ascertained what the market needs, and the business benefit you can deliver to your customers you need to communicate your offering such that it is seen as a "compelling proposition" by the customer.

Pyramid Thinking - Compelling communications chart

"enstra brought its Pyramid Thinking approach to the bid preparation process to improve the construction of value propositions, proposals and presentations and ensure they are both powerful and convincing. This was delivered through a combination of training and mentoring, and was very much appreciated by the team at Fujitsu"

Ian Campbell - Utilities Industry Consultant, Fujitsu

This means structuring the communications to the customer be it a letter, proposal or presentation in a way that makes it easy for the recipient to understand the logic of why what you offer is precisely what they need.

We are convinced the best way to do this is to apply the principles of Pyramid Thinking. We not only do this for our clients but we do it in all our own work. We practice what we preach.

We have been regularly asked by our clients to provide training and coaching in Pyramid Thinking and have built and delivered a one day training course supported by real time coaching.

The course draws on the ideas in Barbara Minto's seminal work "The Pyramid Principle - Logic in Writing and Thinking", Peter Franklin's experience of "Top Down Thinking" whilst at PA Consulting, and his own insights gained from using the approach in both his own work and the work done for clients

Some typical comments gathered from participants after a course are shown below:

"Very good & informative course which will benefit me in all aspects of life not just my career"

"Good, worthwhile, thought provoking. Solid new potential discipline for the team"

"The course effectively illustrated how to organise benefits and features to create a compelling proposition"

"I felt that the methodical approach to creating the proposition worked well"

"Useful tool to keep documents and presentations to the point & avoid drifting"

"Good and professionally presented. Will be useful in the future"

"Excellent way of combining training with a real business problem & definitely of great use in my day to day work"

We often find that some of our clients think like we do once they have discovered the value of Pyramid Thinking:

"Enstra’s commitment to the disciplines of Pyramid Thinking matches our own making it simplicity itself to collaborate in the field of effective communications."

Andrew Hill, Director of Research and Analysis, Energy and Utilities, Datamonitor plc

Our training is delivered through our training arm Compelling Propositions. Click here to go to the Pyramid Thinking page of the Compelling Propsitions web site.

To find out more how we could enable you to transform your communications into compelling product and service propositions through Pyramid Thinking please contact Peter Franklin on +44 (20) 8780 3313 or email

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