Identifying the Opportunities - Strategic Roadmapping

Working with you in a workshop we will bring into relief what is going on in the external environment, what is happening in your market place, who your competitors and customers are, developments in the field of enabling technologies and products, your own resources and capabilities. With this overview in place we can review your current offerings and identify the new offering potential. The output of this workshop is the S-Plan (Strategic). (see below). This technique derives form the work carried out by the Centre for Technology Management at the University of Cambridge.

Stategic Roadmapping

For each of the offerings you want to take forward we distill the S-plan down to those elements which are relevant to the particular offering under review. This enables you to identify the offering components and associated techonologies, resources and capabilities you need to bring to bear that offering to market. This is the T-plan (tactical).

From there we move onto the action plan using our Go-to-market planning tool.

Our clients find this an incredibly effective and efficient means of handling the complexity of the environment they have to operate in both today and in the future.

Due the depth of our sector knowledge we can pre-populate the external environment elements of the maps which is of immense value to organisations who are less familiar with the world of energy and utilties.

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The Internet of Energy

Read the recent article by Ian Campbell of Enstra on the coming of age of the Internet of Energy based on his insights from being chair of the Smarter Homes and Buildings group at the EUA.  You can read the article by clicking here.

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