Testing Alternatives - Business Simulation

Why wouldn't you try out a strategy in the virtual world before committing time and money in the real world?

Managing complex dynamic systems needs the maths that can cope with feedback loops and time delays. Making this accessible in business requires the ability to transform differential equations into vibrant graphics and digestible numerical outputs. With these inSimulation tow you can create the virtual reality of your business challenge and explore alternative strategies for success. Along the way your inderstanding of the business system you are engaging in will grow dramatically and you will learn about the "unexpected outcomes" which you can now manage rather than be caught out by.

We bring the industry expertise - our partner, The business laboratory, brings the simulation capability.

For example, as part of our work for the Energy Saving Trust we have built a simulation for National Grid depicting how the shape and scale of electricity demand at national and DNO level may change as new energy technologies are introduced in UK homes. For Western Power Distribution, as part of the Falcon LCNF project, we are simulating the imapct of the uptake of these technologies on electricity sub-station demand.

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The Internet of Energy

Read the recent article by Ian Campbell of Enstra on the coming of age of the Internet of Energy based on his insights from being chair of the Smarter Homes and Buildings group at the EUA.  You can read the article by clicking here.

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