Reviewing S&M Capability

Are you winning enough bids - or do your competitors get more than their fair share?

If you are not winning enough then part(s) of your Sales and Marketing machine are broken.

Many companies are spending their time and money fixing the wrong parts of their sales and marketing machine - by deploying our e-based sales and marketing audit you will identify exactly where you should be focusing your attention to improve sales and profitability.

The audit survey takes about an hour to complete and provides a robust and comprehensive review on the 5 high level capabilities shown in the B2B excellence framework below, and on the 18 competency areas underpinning them.

B2B Excellence Framework

These 18 competencies are illustrated in the spider chart below. The outer rim indicates how important you see each of the competencies for your company and market, the inner rim is how well you perform on that competency.

Where you need to focus is on the competency areas which are important for your business and where your performance shows significant room for improvement. The spider chart will enable you to spot these immediately.

By then drilling down to the question elements that determine each competency rating you can identify the precise issues you need to address. With the results of our audit to handyou will know exactly where to invest your time and money to improve your business results as fast as possible.

Sales and Marketing Competency Spider chart

To find out more how to achieve excellence in your Sales and Marketing activities through the deployment of our e-based Sales and Marketing Audit please ring Peter Franklin on +44 (20) 8780 3313 or email

Smart Communications Report

Peter Franklin was commissioned to write a report reviewing the issues DECC needs to address when putting in place the communications architecture to support Smart metering roll-out. This report has just been published. If you would like a copy you can download it by clicking here.

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