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Enstra Consulting was founded by Peter Franklin in 2002 focused on helping organisations grow their footprint in the Energy and Utilities sector. 

Time and time again Enstra would deploy its business system approaches such as Value Mapping and PP/CC (Prospects for Profitability/Competitive Capability) to bring market opportunities into clear relief.    

Enstra would also deploy the principles of "Pyramid Thinking Plus" to enable its clients to create truly compelling propositions.

In the beginning Utilities clients would often ask us to train them in "Pyramid Thinking Plus" so that they could use the approach themselves. So we created a training business alongside our consulting business. 

We found that organisation outside Utilities were also keen to adopt the "Pyramid Thinking Plus" approach so for more than 15 years now we have trained organisations in management consultancy, engineering, information technology, pharmaceuticals, financial services, local government and also, of course, companies interested in energy and the utilities as well.

So if you are interested in growing your footprint in the energy and utilities sector - or you just want to become better at making your propositions truly compelling please get in touch.

Send me an email at or give me a ring on +44 20 8789 3216.

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