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Proposition Development

Pyramdi Thinking Plus

Once you have ascertained what the market needs, and the business benefit you can deliver to your customers you need to communicate your offering such that it is seen as a "compelling proposition" by the customer.

This means structuring the communications to the customer be it a letter, proposal or presentation in a way that makes it easy for the recipient to understand the logic of why what you offer is precisely what they need. We are convinced the best way to do this is to apply the principles of Pyramid Thinking.

Applying Pyramid Thinking Plus will make your propositions truly compelling:

This is because they will:

  • Have a higher quality and clearer logic

  • Be easy for your audience to understand (no overload of working memory)

and the approach has been proven in practice:

"enstra brought its Pyramid Thinking approach to the bid preparation process to improve the construction of value propositions, proposals and presentations and ensure they are both powerful and convincing. This was delivered through a combination of training and mentoring, and was very much appreciated by the team at Fujitsu" - Utilities Industry Consultant, Fujitsu.

We not only do this for our clients but we do it in all our own work.


We practice what we preach.


We often find that some of our clients think like we do once they have discovered the value of Pyramid Thinking:

"Enstra’s commitment to the disciplines of Pyramid Thinking matches our own making it simplicity itself to collaborate in the field of effective communications." Director of Research and Analysis, Energy and Utilities, Datamonitor plc

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