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Market Engagement - Energy and Water


Our goal is your success.

Carving out a successful future requires:

  • Understanding how you create value for your customers

  • Focusing on the right prospects

  • Creating a compelling value propositions

  • Designing your business to create competitive advantage

  • and Engaging with your market effectively

If you excel in all of the above, and you really understand the energy and water markets then you are already, or have the potential to become, a market leader in whatever product or service you are bringing to the energy and/or water sectors.

If however, there is scope for improvement, then we can help you on your journey to grasp the market success you are aiming for.

Engagement strategy

Shaking Hands

We are highly experienced in market engagement. We have proven approaches for working with prospects, customers and other stakeholders to enable the building of a shared picture of the business system. We enable you to understand the issues in play and the levers you need to pull to achieve success.


In the business development context we enable you and your customer to share a view of how your product or service can create maximum value for them - a win win.

We are also leaders in the field of "Pyramid Thinking Plus" - the simple rules for structuring logic for communications pioneered by Barbara Minto of Mckinsey's in the 1980s. By working with you to deploy these rules we maximise your success in gaining agreement.


We not only deploy the approach, but we have trained organisations in a variety of industries, in the UK and internationally, in its use for over 15 years.    

See how good you are at compelling communications. Take the Quiz. (No sign up needed.)

Energy Strategy

Sustainable Energy

If you are focused on the energy or water sectors we can not only bring you the tried and tested market engagement approaches above we can also bring with us a wealth of knowledge and experience of the utilities.


Whilst the approaches we use are applicable to all industries - our team have all had utilities industry careers, as well as years of industry consulting. 

That said we have always operated on the frontier of change - and look forward to working with you to build a successful future as the energy industry transforms to a net zero world.

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