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Pyramid Thinking Plus - Training and Consulting

Growing your Capability

It takes a long time to learn through experience, you can learn much faster by internalising the experience of others.

Energy & Water


For over 20 years we have helped organisations flourish and grow in the UK energy and water sectors by providing a combination of deep sector knowledge, and expertise in Pyramid Thinking and other Strategic thinking approaches to help our clients flourish and grow.

Training - Pyramid Thinking PLus


For over 15 years we have trained organisations across a broad variety of industries in the use of PTP - Pyramid Thinking  Plus (how to create structured one-page logics) to create truly compelling communications (proposals, recommendations, reports etc). We are not only trainers in PTP, we are also expert practitioners in it since we use it in all our Consulting activities.

Effective communications

Capability Transfer

This is the best of both worlds. Over the past decade we have combined our Consulting and Training services to offer "on assignment" training to clients.  As a result our clients not only achieve their immediate business goal, but also retain the capabilities that we brought to the assignment, strengthening the competencies of their organisation for the future.

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