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Communications excellence - the key to successful consulting

A key ingredient in the creation of a successful consulting firm is Communications excellence. Pyramid Thinking Plus is an approach which leads to communications excellence by making the communication easy to assimilate for the audience - and compelling because it is focused on the benefits to the audience.

We have built a systems map of the consulancy system which demonstrates how communications/Pyramid Thinking Plus can grow a consulting firm and increase profitability.

You can download the systems diagrams at the link below:

Consultancy System Pyramid Thinking Plus Jul 2024
Download PPTX • 630KB

We have also captured the essence of the systems diagram in a spreadsheet model of a consulting firm. You can download the model at the link below:

Consultancy business model Jul 2024
Download XLSX • 26KB

You can also view a 9 minute video explaining the system and the calculator.

If you would like some help deploying the above to calculate how much value Pyramid Thinking Plus might add to your firm please get in touch.

As part of our good practice each video is based on a Pyramid Thiking Plus logic framework. You can view the one used for this video through the link below:

Consultancy System PTP Jul 2024
Download PPTX • 55KB

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