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Andrew Beasley

Senior Associate

Andrew began his career in the utility's in 1990 at the point of privatisation in the UK. Prior to that he had a career in aerospace engineering and robotics with a focus on control systems development.

During his utilities career Andrew has amassed up a significant amount of experience both in operating energy suppliers and service providers to that industry at both senior management and director level.

His first appointment in utilities was in South Western Electricity Board and in a period of eight years he held a number of roles in both commercial and system development areas. In particular he managed SWEBs response to initial pool developments, negotiation with a major power purchase agreement with Teesside power, risk analysis for the supply business, and process development for market liberalisation in 1994.

When SWEB was sold to London Electricity in 1998 Andrew decided to move on and took a role as commercial director in a small but growing software company in Suffolk which focused on real time electricity pricing solutions. As commercial director he oversaw growth to a peak revenue of £10.4 million per year and procured customers from the US, UK , Australia and Continental Europe.
With the sale of the software company Andrew took up a role as Commercial Director of Atlantic Electric and Gas in which he participated in the growth of the business to serve 330,000 meter points across all user classes and a growth of annualised revenue to £450M. Atlantic was eventually sold to SSE.

After a period of participating in the development of a joint venture with Fujitsu services around retail sales in the energy space, Andrews next major appointment was at Utilita, the leading provider of prepayment energy in the UK. During that time Andrew had two roles both managing the trading and hedging operation, and delivering the systems that allowed users of prepayment for the first time to be able to charge their meters using technology other than “over the counter” keys.
The solution provided for web based, text and voice recognition channels.

Andrew then undertook a period of work with engage consulting limited posted to energy UK and working on the early development of smart metre programme. This meant a great deal of liaison between the injury industry and government departments led by DECC providing valuable experience in policy development.

In 2012 Andrew took up the job as Managing Director or Flow Energy limited, a new entrant supplier allied to a micro CHP domestic developer. During his management of the company, it grew from a greenfield site to supplying around 270,000 meter points in the domestic sector and was also the 2nd supplier in the UK to be awarded the Which? magazine recommended supplier accolade.

Since the sale of Flow Energy to Birmingham Mid-shires cooperative in 2018 Andrew has take up a range of appointments until the current point including :
• Assisting a major LPG provider to develop and assess potential entry to the mains energy market
• Managing a small suppliers platform migration and billing system replacement
• Participating in strategic development advice to a boutique IT provider operating in utilities

During his career Andrew has maintained a presence in the core of the industry including a period as a Director of Energy UK, Chair of its retail committee and member of the strategy committee.

“Across many roles and years for both of us, I have valued Andy's practical, hands on and insightful approach to creating better energy today and in future.” Mark Coyle, Chief Marketing Officer at ESG (strategy, marketing, acquisitions, partnering)

+44 7803 625085

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