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Peter Franklin

Founder - Director

Peter is a well known figure in the field of competitive energy markets as founder/director of Calortex and management team member of AGAS prior to that as the UK energy markets liberalised.

Before that Peter held a variety of senior positions in Shell in a number of EU locations. These have spanned Downstream Strategic Planning, Marketing and Sales Management.

In his consulting career Peter has focused on the deployment of Pyramid Thinking Plus, for which he is both an experienced practitioner as well as an experienced trainer, as well as a number of market engagement tools such as Value Mapping, Market Opportunity Selection, Business Model Generation,and Scenario Planning.

Peter's clients span a broad variety of energy and utility companies both in the UK and Continental Europe, as well as product and service providers to the sector.

For last half of the twenty-teens Peter worked as an Associate of the Energy Saving Trust where he has been helping the Trust, now a registered charity, to identify the assets which it can deploy to support the industry to deliver a sustainable energy world. In particular Peter has focused on EST's unique database on UK homes, and technology trial information assets. Combining these with industry leading simulation modelling expertise has led to EST being able to support National Grid and Western Power Distribution in their work to better understand the shape and scale of electricity demand in the future as new energy technologies are taken up in greater numbers by UK households as well as enabling the cities of Birmingham and Exeter build models of the energy implications of the green transformation.

In 2013 Peter also launched the Pyramid Thinking Plus training activity which enables organisations across all industries and setors to take on board the approach which Peter has found invaluable in his career.

Peter has a MA from Oxford University in Metallurgy and the Science of Materials.

+44 20 8789 3216

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