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Training Experience

Pyramid Thinking Plus training

We have delivered PTP  - Pyramid Thinking Plus training for over 15 years to companies across a wide spectrum of industries spanning energy and utilities, consulting, financial services , pharmaceuticals, and the public sector.

Effective communications is a must for all sectors and that is precisely what you get from adopting the PTP approach (sometimes called the Top Down Thinking or Minto approach). Barbara Minto (the first female partner in McKinsey’s) discovered that it was logical structure – rather than intellects of the authors, or salient points made, that made the difference between a compelling and an unconvincing argument. She developed the Pyramid Principle for structuring communications in an easy to understand and compelling format sometimes. We have extended this approach to include a greater focus on the target audience, the purpose of the communication, and in a marketing and sales context benefits versus features.

What our clients have in common is the business benefit they get from adopting the approach:

  • Improved business development - with one extra sale potentially repaying the investment in training many times over

  • Improved customer satisfaction - whether you are delivering reports or services how you communicate in delivery impacts customer perception and their willingness to repeat purchase and recommend

  • Improved business agility - being able to convince both internal and external stakeholders of what needs to be done enables the organisation to move from idea to implementation much more effectively

The training is normally delivered as a one day face to face training course followed up with 1 to 1 mentoring session of 20-30 minutes duration to embed the learning. 

We also have the capability to deliver the content remotely or via e-learning.

We have also run “Train the trainer” programs, in which company in-house trainers become skilled Pyramid Thinking Plus trainers through attending a course, and delivering incrementally more and more of it over a period of weeks.

At the end of each course we ask for feedback via a questionnaire - here are some of the comments from course participants:

  • "Very good & informative course which will benefit me in all aspects of life not just my career"

  • "Good, worthwhile, thought provoking. Solid new potential discipline for the team"

  • "The course effectively illustrated how to organise benefits and features to create a compelling proposition"

  •  "I felt that the methodical approach to creating the proposition worked well"

  •  "Useful tool to keep documents and presentations to the point & avoid drifting"

  •  "Good and professionally presented. Will be useful in the future"

  •  "Excellent way of combining training with a real business problem & definitely of great use in my day to day work"

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