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Pyramid Thinking Plus

Training Content

What will be covered:

  • Objectives of the day - for the course and for the learner

  • Why Structured Thinking is a good idea.

  • Why Pyramid structures are an excellent form for strucutured thinking

  • Why grouping is essential for creating a coherent structure.

  • Why benefits are important when thinking about your messaging

  • What nested Pyramid are, and how they can be used to structure research.

  • Using Pyramids for proposals

  • Logical forms - Deductive and Inductive

  • Presentation best practices - making your Pyramid structures come to life

As learners work through the theory they will engage with case studies and see examples of Pyramids in practice. 

Our experience has been that delegates on courses find that interactive working and discussion to be a most valuable and enjoyable part of the course. The group work feature is available in both the face to face and "Tutored on-line" group options. 

We have built the end of course mentoring sessions into all three option since these are so useful for embedding the learning as learners go through their own communication logic, as well as creating the opportunity for correcting any misunderstandings, or filling any gaps in understadning that often appear over the course of the training.

When particpants have completed the course they will have covered all the thoery, and put it into practice - ready for deploying the approach as business as usual.

Cost of Training

Training Costs

How much does the training cost?


The standard "face to face" course costs £5950 plus VAT for 10 delegates. Additional delegates cost £595 plus VAT per person. In addtion you will have venue costs, travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs for the trainers, and travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for delegates.

The "Tutored on-line" course is priced at £2,380 plus VAT for 4 people or £4,760 for 8 people. Additional attendees are again £595 per person.  Clearly there are no venue, travel, accommodation, or subsistence costs associated with this option.

The self-paced learning option costs £495 per person, and again avoids all ancillary costs.

Any major bespoke development of case studies will be charged on a time and materials basis to be agreed with you.

Given the value generated by trained individuals is expected to increase by orders of magnitude more than the cost of the training, significant returns on investment are made within a few months or even weeks.

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