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Value Mapping- understanding complex business systems

Value Mapping

For those familiar with systems thinking, "Value Mapping" will be the logical starting point for looking at any issue or problem. This is because a "Value Map" is a diagrammatic representation of a business system which enables a group of stakeholders to form a common understanding of how their business system works.

From this common understanding of the system comes a shared view of what the important levers are for generating beneficial change. This can either be through the grasping of value creation opportunity, or through reducing value destruction. This in turn enables the group to look at alternative options for the future, and through examining these in the light of the agreed "Value Map" to reach a shared Vision of the best way forward.

In a business development context a Value Map can be used to make explicit how value is created for customers or prospects in order to configure your product or service proposition to deliver maximum value.

Clients who have made the journey to create a "Value Map", with us acting as their guide, have found the process both illuminating and extremely valuable for creating stakeholder coherence. It really is possible to get to a common Vision which all can buy in to.

"Enstra's work was seminal and transforming, providing a catalyst for action which, because of its thoroughness and transparent integrity, unlocked an organisation from years of attrition and put it on the road to a different and better future." Chief Executive of the Electricity Association

"EUROPIA, the European Petroleum Industry Association acts as the representative of the European oil refining and distribution industry towards the EU institutions. The EUROPIA Board used the services of Mr. Peter Franklin of enstra to assist in the process of reviewing and adapting the association's strategic positioning. As part of the process Mr. Franklin interviewed all members of the EUROPIA Board, consolidated their views in a structured way and used the Value Mapping technique to guide the development of a revised vision and strategy. Mr. Franklin's contribution was a significant factor in the successful outcome of the process."  President of EUROPIA

"By deploying its value mapping approach enstra enabled joint identification of opportunities to deploy IT Services to create business benefit with one of the UK's major multi-utilities. The approach successfully engaged the directors of the Utility Business Units in a strategic conversation which proved extremely insightful in defining where IT Services could add real value." Utilities Industry Consultant, Fujitsu.

"Value Mapping" is applicable to all functions in all industries as demonstrated by the diversity of situations where it has been deployed by us.

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