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Facilitating the development of a common Vision for the future of Industry trade representation

For the UK Electricity Association we conducted a review of the way in which Trade Associations in the UK Energy Utilities arena could best develop to optimally serve the interests of their members. We used cognitive modelling techniques to create a “Value Map” which acted as a consistent backcloth to the dialogue between a multiplicity of diverse parties – enabling them to reach a common Vision as to the best way forward. This work was undertaken by enstra supported by enstra network partner RBC.

Strategic Direction - EU Oil Industry & EU Institution interactions

For EUROPIA, the Trade representation body of the European Oil industry we deployed our "Value Mapping" approach to create a shared understanding for how the oil industry could best interact with EU institutions such as the Commission and the European Parliament. This was achieved through creating a shared assumption set using a "Value Map" depicting the issues arising when managing the dialogue with the institutions and other stakeholders in this arena, which itself was drawn out of one-to-one discussions with the senior executives debating the strategic direction to be followed.

Creating a mental map of how knowledge management can deliver beneficial change

For an international gas exploration and production company used "Value Mapping" and structured interviews to develop a model of how knowledge management contributed to exploration success, and how it could best be leveraged cross functionally to create value for the Group as a whole.

Building a common Vision for business development for a niche player in the industry

For a company providing data management services to the UK electricity industry lead a team conducting a fundamental review of the future strategy of the organisation. This work was commissioned by the management team of the company and sponsored by the Board comprising representative of key Regional Electricity companies. This review comprises competency mapping, Vision and Option development and partner search completed within the "5 Box Approach to Strategic Management Framework". This work is being carried out in co-ordination with the advertising agency responsible for creating a Brand Strategy in a parallel process. This then led onto two projects, one being a competency review of the management team, for which we worked with an HR expert, and a review of the potential for business development in the Financial Services sector which was driven by an expert in Financial Services.

Deploying scenario planning to identify management priorities

For a major Danish Gas distributor co-led a workshop on understanding the impacts of retail market liberalisation on a Gas transportation business.

For a major UK financial institution provided risk assessment support regarding a proposed investment in metering assets following the liberalisation of the UK meter operations market. Deployed scenario planning techniques to successfully evaluate the breadth of risk and enable the client to improve its negotiation position with counter-parties.

For a Netherlands Utility assisted in the development of a gas purchasing strategy in the light of scenarios depicting the consequences of retail market liberalisation in the Netherlands.

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The Internet of Energy

Read the recent articel by Ian Campbell of Enstra on the coming of age of the Internet of Energy based on his insights form being chair of the Smarter Homes and Buildings group at the EUA.  You can read the article by clicking here.

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