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Best book on economics

Are you interested in fact-based economics?

Do you want to understand why what you are being told by politicians and journalists is often wrong?

If so pick up this book and read it!

Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator for the Financial Times, chose 99% as one of his must-read books of 2019.

The book charts our transition from the golden age of capitalism to the age of free market capitalism. The latter has led to stagnating and declining living standards for the vast majority of the western world and threatens the future prosperity of our children and grandchildren.

Mark Thomas shows in his fact-based style that capitalism today is broken – but he also explains how it could be fixed to work for the benefit of humankind – as it once did.

The book is extremely readable, and eye opening in its clear and simple explanations of how the economic world works.

A must for your bookshelf.

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