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Brief Answers to the Big Questions - A great read

If you are not a theoretical physicist – fear not.

This book is written in accessible English and is a true page turner.

Whether you are interested in the beginning of the universe, or mankind’s chance of survival given our military capability, our capability to change the climate for the worse, and the inevitability that our planet will cease to be habitable when the sun goes supernova (albeit in the very distant future) then this is a book for you.

The science in the book is approachable tackling the theories of gravitational waves at the cosmological level to the sub-atomic world of quantum physics. However, done with a use of language which makes sense to a layman such as myself.

Stephen Hawking tackles 10 fundamental questions through 10 chapters all pulled together in the final chapter of his own life.

He now rests in fitting company between Newton and Darwin in Westminster Abbey – and this book is a testament to his position as a scientific thought leader.

Read it – I can assure you that you will find it fascinating.

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