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The Second Curve

This is a collection of 16 essays on the challenges facing society today and tomorrow.

The topics covered are varied starting off with the need for moving thinking from the current paradigm to a new one before it is too late – jumping on the second curve.

You will then find reference to Thomas Piketty’s ground breaking study of the concentration of wealth in society, and Martin Ford’s observations on the impact of the automation of knowledge work. From there Charles covers the implications of the info-sphere, the governance of markets, the GDP fallacy, capitalism and society, citizenship, management models, Debt, Education and Democracy. The book finishes with thoughts on how each of us can take personal responsibility for the move to the second curve.

Each essay stands on its own so it is a book you can just dip into – for some very thought provoking ideas.

One of the book’s great strengths is the style of writing. There is no use of the consultant’s lexicon, no attempt to dazzle the reader with the breadth of the authors vocabulary. Indeed, Charles Handy has perfected the art of making the complex simple. Everything is written in plain English – and beautifully written at that. A true pleasure to read.

I think I picked up this book thinking I would dip into it essay by essay – however I found it so addictive I finished it just a few days. And I am certain I will revisit it in the future.

For the pleasurable, interesting, and highly relevant section of your library.

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