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The Storytelling Book

Anthony Tasgal comes from the world of advertising and market research – in which he is a

consultant, trainer, and raconteur. Having endured literally thousands of presentations which failed to convince, or inspire, or even to be remembered he has decided to champion the cause of effective communication through the creation of truly inspiring presentations through the use of storytelling.

Anthony, or Tas as he is known in person, is also a film aficionado and a director of the Phoenix cinema in North London. He is also extremely well read in classical and English literature. So if you pick up the book you will be delighted by the wealth of references and stories he uses to illustrate his points.

The book is pocket size – literally – well it would fit in a big pocket but it is smaller than conventional books. Great thought has gone into the graphic design of the book which complements the main message. There is a golden thread design which links each chapter, and a literal golden thread used as a page marker. So you will get the message – stories need a golden thread!

The book starts with the “Why” we need storytelling. It then moves on to “How” we create the right environment for storytelling, and finishes with a guide on “How” to tell stories in the form of 24 practical tips to make you a great storyteller. I can guarantee you that you will grab many of the tips and import them into your own activities – they fall into the category of why haven’t I always being doing it this way.

The book is highly practical – but it is also extremely witty. I guarantee you will smile reading it – and find it extremely useful in your professional life.

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